Furniture Donation Vancouver WA

Do you know you can bring a smile to the faces of the deaf, disabled, and people with any visual impairment by donating your old furniture?

Do you want your old or unwanted furniture, clothing, and other household items but don’t know how to donate them to a reliable nonprofit charity organization?

Don’t worry; because the following article presents you a complete guide of the top-rated furniture donation Vancouver WA services working day and night relentlessly to benefit the needy women and children with your donated furniture.

These donation services offer convenient pick-up from your home at your selected time and day.

Why Should You Donate Furniture?

It’s because donating your furniture helps not only the needy people but also the environment. According to the EPA source, Americans dumped around a total of 9.7 million tons of furniture in landfills in 2015. Donating your furniture is indeed an eco friendly option instead of leaving it in the landfills.

In other words, you may donate your furniture as an alternative to recycling. This way, you can feel good about yourself by helping someone decorate their homes.

Another good news is that these charitable organizations don’t charge you a penny for their pick-up services.

Moreover, many charity services have partnered with private organizations to sell your furniture to help the needy in other financial matters to pay the utility bills.

Best Five Furniture Donation Pick Up

The good news is that we have compiled a list of furniture charities in Vancouver, allowing you to save yourself from the hassle of locating one from the public yellow papers.

The Salvation Army

The best thing about donating your furniture to the Salvation Army is selling it in their Family sores, located worldwide, serving for the development of poor communities on a national level. Furthermore, The Salvation Army has a mission to utilize the earned funding in the development of the Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation shelter, dedicated to serving individuals struggling with addicts, enabling them to lead an independent life. You can further read their donation policy on the website link mentioned below.

Phone – 1-800-SA-TRUCK (1-800-728-7825)

Goodwill Furniture Donation

The Goodwill Furniture donation is doing an exceptionally well job with a clear vision to stimulate the capital economy and serve mankind with your contributions. This nonprofit charity organization utilizes the earned revenue from the furniture donation pick-ups and drop-offs to fund different employment and education training opportunities.

In addition to that, it supports multiple job placement services for the needy, talented people in different communities all across the US.

Lucky for you, the Goodwill furniture donation service has more than 3.2 thousand stores operating in the US. It means you can conveniently find a store near your home.

After getting a confirmation call, it depends on you to either avail of the pick-up services to donate your more oversized items. Else, you can yourself pack up the things and drop them off at the donation site.

Habitat for Humanity Furniture Donation

The Habitat for Humanity Furniture Donation is one of the largest charities ensuring transparency and accountability in their operations while handling your contributions. It resells the donated furniture and other household goods. Not only that, but they also sell appliances and building materials to earn funds which they further use to build affordable and comfortable for needy families across the United States.

The Habitat for Humanity Furniture donation has a board of directors, that looks after different campaign success and other fundraising activities. Not only that, but this charity organization performs a regular audit of the different workflow procedures by providing clear donation guidelines.

You can search online to find the nearest store of the Habitat and call them to confirm their operating hours. The donation federation picks up the furniture from your home, saving you from the hassle of transportation.

Maryland School for the Blind Car Donation

If you want to make a difference for the blind and visually impaired men, women, kids, and students, you can donate your old or spare vehicles, car, and other household furniture.

All your donations support the NSB requirements to provide different services and support, including educational, residential, and outreach services.

Not only that, but MSB accepts different types of vehicles and other household items from the house, making you eligible for the tax deduction.

You must be wondering how NSB works? The process is straightforward. All you need to do is fill the online donor form or talk to any customer care representative at the phone number given below to offer financial support to mdschblind people.

The Maryland school for the blind car donation calls you back within 24 hours, allowing you to complete the donation process. Lastly, you can get your donation receipt and help blind people.

Phone – 844-830-GIVE (844-830-4483)

Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA)

As the name suggests, this nonprofit charity organization is dedicated to serving the veterans community of the Vietnam War. Not only that, but they also provide vets financial advising and job placement, allowing them to enroll in different outreach programs and to overcome the current financial challenges. 

Furthermore, the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) optimizes the access of veterans to different benefits. You can donate your furniture, household items, and other clothes to needy families of Vietnam War veterans.

The process of donation is quite simple. You can visit the website, enter your zip code on its interactive navigator map and schedule a pickup to complete the donation. If you any further questions, visit the following website:

Website – 


How Do I Donate a Car in Maryland?

Car donation allows you to give away your unwanted car parked in your garage. Not only that, but you can also become eligible for a tax-deductible amount while filing the annual tax return form on IRS so that they can credit the amount in your respective bank.

You can find many scorecharity organizations such as Maryland school for the blind car donation in Baltimore, whom you can contact online or call on their toll-free number. All you need to do is to fill the online form and wait for the charity organization’s response.

Once the charity service has your contact details, they can send their local towing partner along with the required paperwork to pick the vehicle from your doorstep within 24 to 72 hours. This way, you don’t have to spend any extra penny to avail of the towing services. After a few days, you can receive the tax deduction expense receipt on your e-mail id.

Furthermore, if your donated car is sold for $500 or less, you can also claim a “Fair market value” of up to the exact cost. However, if your donated car is sold for more than $500, you can deduct the full sale price of the vehicle.

How to Find a Furniture Bank Near Me?

The zip code of your area allows you to search for the nearest furniture banks. This way, you can enable different nonprofit charitable organizations to pick up the furniture from your doorstep at your selected date and time.

If you don’t fill out the online form, you can still contact the donation services via phone to arrange for the pick up of your furniture.

Where Can I Donate My Car in Maryland?

The Maryland school for the blind car donation is one of the most trustworthy scorecharity organizations working in Maryland that accepts vehicles, cars, trucks, motorcycle, boat, trailers, and other related items.