Where to donate books in Brampton

If you have an excess of books that you no longer need, consider donating them. In this article, I’ll tell you where to donate books in Brampton. There are places in Toronto where you may contribute old books, even if they are tiny dog-eared. Most organizations and businesses will take both hardback and compact publications as long as the border is unbroken and the text is accessible, ensuring that your old books find new homes.

Although books are a vital part of our lives, many of us still have trouble deciding what to do with them. When we decide it’s time to let them go, we would like to know they’re going to a good home where they’ll be able to continue to enhance and improve the lives of others. I spent time exploring the most recent and up-to-date sites to donate books in order to offer a comprehensive and detailed response to the topic above. I’ve listed a few websites below, along with their contact information, so you may easily find them and give books to them.

Salvation Army:

Salvation Army
  • The Salvation Army welcomes contributions of secondhand products, such as hardcover and hardback books. The funds will be used to replenish the Salvation Army store or to supply reading materials to the organization’s homeless shelters.
  • During business hours, you can donate things at a store near your home. For after-hours gifting, several establishments provide a drop box. Enter your zip code on the Salvation Army’s contribution website to find a location near you, or contact the Salvation Army at 1-800-728-7825 to schedule a donation pickup. You may even plan a pickup digitally in certain areas, such as for vehicles. On the submit products page, put your zip code in the relevant box.
  • The Salvation Army is the finest place to donate since the books, clothes, money, and goods go directly to those in need. Although Goodwill assists those in need, it also employs a number of administrators who profit from the sale of donated clothing and goods.
  • Books, library books, paperbacks, encyclopedias, and periodicals are all welcome. Books must be in good condition. As a protection for¬†donors and employees, they¬†are currently unable to receive large furniture gifts because to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Official Website Link: https://thriftstore.ca/

Address: Brampton, ON L7A 0N8 420 Railside Dr

Email Address: guestservices@salvationarmy.ca

Phone Number: 905-455-3800

Region of Peel:

Region of Peel
  • The region of peel is also located in Brampton. They have a partnership with Salvation Army.
  • They advise you to contribute products in good working order. Donating stuff helps to offer unwanted objects a second shot at life. They really are. In collaboration with philanthropic community groups, Peel Region provides a variety of options for donating clothing, other textiles, and household items.
  • Free of charge, you may drop off your donated goods at a Peel Community Recycling Centre. Check to see what things are approved in Brampton and Mississauga.
  • Items that are too big, in bad shape, or have missing pieces may not be approved for recycling. These objects may be subject to a disposal charge.
  • Employees of the Community Recycle Center have the authority to deny things if they pose a hygienic, health, or safety risk.

Official Website Link: https://peelregion.ca/

Address: Brampton, ON L6T 4B9, 10 Peel Centre Drive, Suites A and B

Phone Number: 905-791-7800

Second Bind:

Second Bind
  • Second Bind is the first book distributor in the world to work with PrintReleaf. They offer used textbooks online. The major purpose of Second Bind is to conserve and plant as many plants as possible while also giving each customer the option to exchange their undesired textbooks into cash.
  • Giving books away allows them to have a second life, allowing someone else to read and appreciate them. It’s also an ecologically sensible choice because recycling keeps them out of landfills.
  • They send the majority of your donated books to Kenya and Nigeria via Better World Books and other partners. The remainder is resold at a low rate to cover the costs of labor and delivery.
  • You may add up to 10 pounds of donated books in your existing buyback order in the same box if you live in another town and have a resale order. They do not pay for postage for donated books at this time if you do not have a repurchase order.

Official Website Link: https://www.secondbind.com

Address: North York, ON M3J 3C7, Canada 1111 Flint Rd Unit 33

Phone Number: +1 855-552-2605


You may help offer the pleasure of reading to millions of individuals who would otherwise have no access to literature by contributing books to these websites. Books and education play an essential role in imparting information to individuals, and in many circumstances, possibilities for education are limited, while pupils lack access to books and other key reference resources. We won’t be able to help everyone right soon, but we can help a lot by providing books (texts and references), which will go a long way toward teaching disadvantaged youngsters. After all, information shared is wisdom squared, and books are the most efficient method of doing so!