Where to Donate Books In Vancouver

Traditional hard copy books have the extraordinary capacity to provide inspiration, insight, and knowledge even in today’s high-tech environment. And there’s nothing like having a book in your hands instead of a phone or a tablet on occasion. If you have an excess of books that you no longer require, you can donate them. I’ll inform you about where to donate books in Vancouver in this article.

When you give your books, you are giving those writings a fresh lease on life. Donating your books increases their purpose and effect in a fascinating manner, whether they end up in the hands of a young teenager looking for a new set of books or become part of another’s collection on a shelf. Below I will provide some places with their related information so you can find them easily for donating books.

Fort Vancouver Regional Library Foundation:

  • The Fort Vancouver Regional Library (FVRL) Foundation is presently only taking book donations. The products must be clean and in good working order.
  • Its goal is to establish itself as a premier library foundation. They seek to create public and private projects that improve life-long educational process throughout the community. They elevate an excellent library system to new heights.
  • Dust jackets are required for hardback fiction novels. Smoke-scented books, as well as those that are filthy, water-damaged, mildewed, or otherwise in bad shape, will not be accepted.
  • Older or incomplete encyclopaedia sets, cassette cassettes, spiral-bound books, numerous copies of the same title, periodicals, and out-of-date textbooks or technology books are among the goods they will not take.
  • Do not bring any donations to their office; instead, email them at foundation@fvrl.org to set up a drop-off date and time.

Official Website Link: http://fvrlfoundation.org/book-donations

Address: Vancouver, WA 98668, PO Box 2384

Phone Number:  360-906-4700

Vancouver Public Library:

  • A huge variety of books and digital information may be found at the Vancouver Public Library. The library provides community information, children’s, youth’s, and adult activities, as well as homebound delivery. The library also offers information and reference services, as well as text databases and online library lending services.
  • Your slightly used books will be warmly accepted by the Vancouver Public Library for their fundraising book sales.
  • Nonfiction, textbooks, fiction for all ages, children’s picture books, and coffee table books are all available. They’ll take books in any language. Large encyclopedic sets, VHS cassettes, and audio recordings are not accepted.
  • On weekdays, drop off big gifts to the Central Library’s shipping dock at the north end of the 700 block Hamilton. Throughout regular business hours, modest donations could be placed at bookmark, The Library Store.

Official Website Link: https://www.vpl.ca/

Address: Vancouver, BC V6B 6B3 Canada 302 – 345 Robson Street

Phone Number: 604.331.3603

Email: info@vpl.ca

North Vancouver City Library:

  • The North Vancouver City Library is a historic structure in the center of the city. The library serves a population of more than 52,000 people as well as clients from nearby cities and regions. They offer a good mix of classic and growing new library services, as well as great client service.
  • Donated items must be current (within the last five years) and in excellent or very good shape. One box or 50 books is the maximum contribution.
  • At the library’s option, donated materials may be added to the list, sold in the book sale, or discarded.
  • Magazines and newspapers aren’t accepted.

Official Website Link: https://www.nvcl.ca/My-NVCL

Address: North Vancouver, British Columbia, 120 14th Street West

Phone Number: 604-998-3450

Email: info@nvcl.ca.

Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver:

  • Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver’s purpose is to improve children’s resiliency and well-being by immersing them in high-quality prevention-focused mentoring program and actively trying to positively influence policies and program that impact their social and emotional development.
  • Make a difference by donating to Big Brothers. Your contribution enables them to create meaningful mentoring connections in which children and youth can realize their full potential. Donate books and other items to them as a result.
  • When contributions are collected, they are sold to Value Village stores, which provide low-cost clothing alternatives for families and people, with earnings going to support their initiatives.
  • Large encyclopedic sets, VHS cassettes, and audio recordings are not accepted.

Official Website Link: https://www.bigbrothersvancouver.com/

Address: Unit 102, 1193 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5V 3C9, Canada

Phone Number: +1 604-876-2447


You can help provide the joy of reading to millions of individuals who would otherwise have no access to literature by giving books to these locations in Vancouver. Simply by opting to give books, you are sharing the love of reading and bringing some others happy. Furthermore, research have proven that giving your all makes you happy. So donate now.