Where to Donate Used Eyeglasses at Walmart

Glasses aren’t simply for seeing better these days. They’re also for making you appear better. You could be in the market for a new pair of spectacles now that glasses are generally acknowledged as a fashion statement. What, on the other hand, should you do with your old pair? Is it possible for you to donate your glasses? Yes, it is.

I have a solution to your problem in this post. I’ll tell you where you can donate used glasses in Walmart. Giving your old frames to charity is a great way to get rid of them while also doing a nice deed. There are several organizations in Vancouver that will gladly accept them and re-distribute the glasses to people in need. Some of them are listed below:

Eyes of Hope:

VSP Vision Care, vision insurance, established Eyes of Hope as a charitable organization. More than 2 million people throughout the world have received free eye treatment and eyeglasses as a result of it. Complete pairs of new or lightly worn prescription glasses or users with rigid plastic frames with undamaged lenses are accepted by Eyes of Hope. It does not take contact lenses, broken or damaged eyeglasses, eyewear cases, or lenses without a frame. Follow these steps to send the donation.

  • Pack your spectacles in a secure box or protected envelope to send to Eyes of Hope as a donation.
  • Visit produce and print a prepaid UPS shipping label, go to the VSP Vision Care website.
  • Place your package on the shipping label.
  • Deliver your goods to a UPS station near you.

Mailing Address: 11340 White Rock Rd., Suite 200 Rancho Cordova, Walmart 95742

Official Website Link: https://vspglobal.com/cms/vspglobal-outreach/eyewear-donation.html

Walmart Vision Center:

Walmart and the Lions Club have teamed up to collect old eyeglass donations. You may drop off your eyeglasses at any Walmart Vision Center that accepts them. Many, but not all, Walmart Vision Centers engage in this donation program, so make sure to contact ahead to confirm before going. Only medical eyeglasses and prescribed sunglasses are accepted for donation at Walmart. Reading glasses purchased over the counter will not be accepted.

To donate your old prescription glasses to Walmart, follow these steps:

To discover a list of Walmart locations near you, go to another Walmart Store Locator.

  • Look for a store with a Vision Center.
  • Confirm that you’re chosen store’s Vision Center accepts old glasses contributions by calling them.
  • If they don’t, look for a store that has a Vision Center.
  • Take your glasses to the Walmart of your choice if they do.
  • Check for the blue and white Lions Club donation box, which is generally near the Vision Center’s main door.

Official Website Link: https://www.walmart.com/store/finder

Walmart Lion Eyeglasses Recycling Centre:

  • The Walmart Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centre is a non-profit organization that recycles eyeglasses. To raise awareness of humanitarian issues among all people by delivering volunteer services via community engagement and international collaboration.
  • Walmart Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centre operates a nationwide network of collection boxes and drop-off locations. Libraries, schools, optometrist offices, community centers, the local Lions Club office, and other public sites all have these boxes. To discover the closest location, simply utilize their shop finder tool.
  • A total of 5,793,073 glasses have been shipped to various nations.
  • The “Lions Eyeglass Recycling Program” at the Walmart Correctional Centre (CCC) aims to give offenders an opportunity to make a significant contribution to the worldwide community.

Official Website Link: https://clerc.ca/

Phone Number: (403) 640-1056

Bausch & Lomb:

Bausch + Lomb has a program called ONE by ONE Recycling that allows old contact lenses and packaging to be properly recycled, with the objective of minimizing contact lens landfill waste. The only company on this list that accepts old contact lenses for recycling is Bausch + Lomb.

Contact lenses, it turns out, aren’t accepted by most recycling programs. Because of the size and packaging of contact lenses, they are filtered out of recycling facilities and sent to the waste stream, adding to landfills and microplastic contamination across the United States. You have two options for sending your contacts and associated packaging to Bausch + Lomb’s ONE by ONE Recycling Program:

Drop off at a Recycling Center near You:

  • To find a recycling center near you, go to the ONE by ONE Collection Program Recycling Center Locator.
  • Locate a Recycling Center in your area.
  • Send off your contacts at the Recycling Center of your choice.

Send a Letter:

  • Dropping off your lenses at a recycling facility is a more environmentally friendly option. If you don’t have access to a recycling facility, gather a year’s worth of worn lens items before shipping them.
  • To find a recycling center near you, go to the ONE by ONE Recycling Program Recycling Center Locator.
  • Fill in your name and email address at the bottom of the page.
  • Print your shipping label for free.
  • Place your contact waste in a well-sealed cardboard box.
  • Apply the shipping label to your item.
  • Drop off your box at a UPS station near you, or arrange for a pickup to ship from your house.

Official Website Link: https://www.walmart.com/nonprofits


One of the most compelling reasons to donate your old eyeglasses is the ability to make a significant difference in people’s lives. According to the independent organization, over 1 billion individuals throughout the world who have lost their vision due to a lack of access to eye care may restore their vision with a pair of glasses. Able to donate a pair of spectacles you no longer wear is simple and free. And it is quite beneficial. Your given eyeglasses may assist a local resident in reading labels on a medicine container. As a result, you can give glasses to these websites.